HZUMC – Who We Are…

Our Mission is intentionally loving, following, serving, and sharing Christ.

These are the four actions we want to be intentional about as the Body of Christ that meets at Harmony-Zelienople United Methodist Church. This four-fold passion is our mission in our community and into the world, lived out by:

  • Spirit-driven Obedience, as demonstrated by prayerfully hearing and following the Spirit of God.
  • Scripture-based Foundation, as demonstrated by continually learning from and living by the Word.
  • Christ-centered Relationships, as demonstrated by authentic love and genuine caring for others as modeled by Christ Jesus.
  • Kingdom-building Service, as demonstrated by a commitment to reaching others for Christ at home and abroad.
  • Life-changing Transformations, as demonstrated by a commitment to becoming more Christ-like.

Our Strategy is a picture of how we accomplish our mission. It is our desire to have every person involved in worshiping, growing, connecting, serving, and sharing.


  • We place worship at the center of everthing we do.


  • We desire to grow in knowledge and faith through ongoing attendance of Sunday School and other bible study classes.


  • We try to connect with and develop deep relationships with other believers in small groups.
  • We want to serve others within the church through involvement on a ministry team where we can use our gifts.


  • We share God’s love with others outside the church, whether it be in the local community or abroad.


Our Measures provide the standard by which our mission can be measured with respect to an individual’s development through the ministry of the church. We seek to become disciples who:

  • Worship God lovingly and consistently
  • Grow by the Spirit through Scripture and prayer
  • Connect through heartfelt relationships with God and others
  • Serve humbly and joyfully under God
  • Share the love of God in Jesus Christ

If you want to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ, or if you are interested in learning more about becoming a follower of Christ, join us at HZUMC.