HZUMC Website Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of all visitors to this site. We collect no information about visitors to this site except what is voluntarily submitted via e-mail or our feedback forms. Any information received is treated confidentially and will not be sold or otherwise disclosed for any commercial purpose.

Name, address, telephone or email information submitted to the church will only be used to contact individuals who have requested contact or for church business.

Names of individuals which appear in the church Bulletin or Newsletter as part of event or schedule announcements may be included in those items when posted on this site. Contact with persons listed in news items should be via personal knowledge or the church office.

Photographs of church activities or facilities may be posted on this site. Names may be captioned with group photos, but generally photos of specific individuals will not be identifed by name without their permission.

If you do not want your name or likeness to appear on this site according to the above Privacy Policy, please send an email to the church office or to the site editor.